New York Cannabis Regulators Confront New Hurdles & Rulings

Western NY Cannabis Retailing

The Office of Cannabis Management in New York recently announced a policy change to double conditional dispensaries in the state but zoning issues are making it difficult. This is because, according to the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act, shops cannot be located within 200 feet or 500 feet of a place of worship or a school. In

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How Cannabis Research Enhances Cannabis Property Acquisition

cannabis real estate through cannabis research

Most frequently, business licences are linked to a particular piece of real estate. You must begin as soon as possible because finding compliant real estate can take a long period. At this stage of the process, you might not fully understand your real estate requirements.  But it’s crucial to understand what your company will need,

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Potential Amendments to Health Canada Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Regulations

Introduction: On possible changes to the Cannabis Regulations regarding licensing, security measures, manufacturing, packaging, and labelling specifications, as well as record-keeping for licence holders, Health Canada is looking for input. The Canadian Cannabis Regulations may be amended to simplify and clarify current requirements, get rid of inefficiencies, and lessen administrative and regulatory burdens, according to

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How To Get a Cannabis Cultivation License in California?

How To Get a Cultivation License in California

  Are you interested in getting a cannabis cultivation license in California? If so, you’re not alone! The demand for cannabis cultivation licenses is growing, and this guide provides the information you need to get started on the process. Here, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to apply for and obtain your cultivation license

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Cannabis Distribution License Requirements in California

cannabis in california

In California, a distribution license is one of the various types of licenses issued by the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) that allows a business to engage in the legal distribution of cannabis and cannabis products within the state. Distribution licenses are a crucial part of the cannabis supply chain as they facilitate the

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Maryland Cannabis Reform Emergency Bills (SB516 & HB556)

Key Takeaways from Bill (SB516 & HB556)

The Maryland Legislature presented emergency bills SB516 and HB556 on February 3, 2023. The proposed law would rename the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Cannabis Commission (ATCC), give it licensing and regulation responsibilities, establish an Office of Social Equity, an Advisory Board on Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis, and establish a Cannabis Regulation & Enforcement Division within the

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