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Arkansas cannabis license

Arkansas Cannabis Market Overview

One of the earliest Southeastern states for legalization, cannabis in Arkansas has a highly regulated market with limited operations at this time. Many facets of the state's regulatory framework are still in process but moving slowly due to legislative issues and initial lawsuits for the first round of Arkansas cannabis licensees. As of November 2016, Arkansas cannabis laws allow patients to access medical marijuana with a doctor’s approval. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC) within the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division oversees the state’s program which, despite some legal delays, initially awarded five groups medical marijuana cultivation licenses in March 2018. Given the small size of this medical Arkansas cannabis industry, the only significant competition exists among the top producers for each zone. With no cross border sales activity nor reciprocity for other state medical card holders, a competitive market analysis can be better developed with additional locations opening for new Arkansas cannabis licenses. With a current population of 3 million, ArcView Market Research and BDS Analytics are projecting $98 million in legal marijuana sales by 2024. Arkansas dispensaries carry a wide range of medical marijuana products including raw flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, oils, tinctures, and topicals. As of February 2022, there are three ballot initiative campaign efforts to legalize adult-use cannabis in Arkansas.

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Cannabis in Arkansas Licensing Requirements, Timelines, and Approval Processes

Arkansas cannabis licenses are determined by the The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission (AMMC) offering five license types. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission will use a reserve list to award two remaining unassigned Arkansas cannabis dispensary licenses. A lottery system will be implemented for future selections. Surety Bond Pre-Approval for Dispensaries are required for Arkansas cannabis applicants who must provide proof of assets or a surety bond in the amount of $200,000 as well as Performance Bond for Dispensaries in the amount of $500,000. The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission is tasked with administering and regulating the issuance of Arkansas cannabis licenses to operate medical marijuana dispensaries and Arkansas cannabis cultivation facilities.
Cannabis in Arkansas Licensing Requirements

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Cannabis in Arkansas Licenses Financial Requirements

Cannabis in Arkansas Licenses Financial Requirements

Common for most jurisdictions as a mandatory component of the Arkansas cannabis application is the requirement for a minimum amount of liquid cash on hand. This ensures that applicants have the financial wherewithal from the Arkansas cannabis licensing process through to the initial 2-5 years of operation. Applicants must provide proof of at least $100,000.00 in liquid assets to proceed with any licensing process. Arkansas cannabis licensing application fees range from $7,500 - 15,000, per location.

Arkansas Cannabis License Types

Note: No further dispensary licenses are available at this time. Grower and Processor licenses will be updated at a later time.
Arkansas Cannabis License Types
Arkansas cannabis Total # of Licenses *Number of current licenses are unavailable at the time of this report.
Dispensary: 37
Cultivation: 5
Basic Demographic Information
Resources include the US Census Bureau,, and any additional relevant resources.
Total # of Counties75
Total # of Cities540
Population in 2019197,866
In January of 2021, the AMMC made the medical marijuana processor license application available with the first processor license being awarded on April 19th, 2021.

City of Little Rock

Median Age
Medial Income
Median Home Price
Fair Market Rent

City of Fayetteville


Median Age


Medical Income


Median Home Price


Fair Market Rent


Country Population in 2019

Business Climate arkansas cannabis licensing

Business Climate - Arkansas Cannabis License

Overall, the majority of the state has embraced the formal legalization of cannabis in Arkansas for both recreational and medical use. There have been several stumbling blocks for most applications in the state, including several appeals and subsequent lawsuits to obtain final Arkansas cannabis licensure.

Arkansas ranks near the bottom of the heap for best places to do business at 43. The cost of living and doing business are benefits for operating in the state as well as lowering income-tax rates for lower- and middle-class Arkansans. There is also improving job-skill training to strengthen the state’s workforce and fewer, burdensome regulations on business start-up and expansion.

Real Estate & Zoning

Consideration for regional and local zoning with regard to allowed proximity to certain business types, schools, and other prohibited areas. Local municipalities cannot ban medical marijuana facilities from locating in their town however they can impose zoning restrictions limiting where the businesses can locate.
Real Estate Zoning arkansas cannabis licensing

City of Fort Smith


Median Age


Medical Income


Median Home Price


Fair Market Rent


Country Population in 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis cultivation is the process of growing cannabis within a regulated environment for the consumption via a medical or adult-use cannabis program. Generally cultivation refers to the agricultural activities associated with the propagation and growing of cannabis. Cannabis processing is when you manufacture finished cannabis products, packaging of dried flowers or manufacture and package cannabis-based products (i.e. extracts, edibles, and topicals). To be able to produce cannabis and cannabis derived products commercially a specific license is required, requirements depend on the state in which you are locating this business.

The fees for a cannabis cultivation license vary greatly depending on the state in which the facility is to be located. Also facility build out costs vary greatly depending on the type of cannabis cultivation facility (indoor, mixed-light green house, outdoor). Depending on the facility type a cultivation facility can range from 2 million to 20 million dollars. 

The Arkansas Department of Health regulates patient access, Physicians, and Caregivers in the state. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration oversees the regulation and licensing of medical cannabis cultivation and dispensary facilities. 

Currently Arkansas has 5 licensed cultivators serving its medical cannabis program. 

Yes, medical cannabis processors are allowed to produce edibles to be sold through medical cannabis dispensaries to registered patients. The production of edibles for sale through the medical cannabis program requires a processor license. 

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Arkansas is not currently accepting applications for medical Arkansas cannabis facility licenses. However it is possible that this process reopens as the program continues to grow. Now is the time to get ahead of the process by defining your business. CLE can develop a preliminary business and feasibility plan to help give you an understanding of your businesses viability within the Arkansas cannabis market and give a head start in this process.
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