Cannabis Cultivation License

Those looking to cultivate cannabis are required to hold one of the following licenses under the Cannabis Act & Regulations

Nursery License

Permits the cultivation of cannabis genetics such as clones and seeds, within a maximum 540 square feet

Standard Cultivation License

It permits cultivation in an unlimited-sized grow space

Micro-Cultivation License

Allows for cultivation in a grow space of up to 2,152 square feet

Medical and Recreational Cannabis in Cannada

License Overview

Who is a Cultivation or Nursery license For?

Micro and Standard Cultivation Licenses are designed for business that would like to be able to legally grow, possess, sell (in bulk – to certain parties), and research cannabis.

The Micro-Cultivation License 
is perfect for smaller business and craft growers that are working with a limited amount of unique strains.
Standard Cultivation Licenses
are ideal for larger companies that want to build and grow in a large-scale facility or are exploring outdoor growing on a large plot of land.

What Can You Do With A Cultivation Or Nursery license?

Micro and Standard Cultivation Licenses

Permit the possession, propagation, cultivation, harvesting, chemical or physical alteration, sale (in bulk – to certain parties), and distribution of cannabis. Dried and fresh cannabis, as well as plants and seeds, can be sold to other holders of Cultivation, Processing, Analytical Testing, Research & Development, or Cannabis Drug Licenses, with licensed nurseries exempt from buying dry or fresh flower.

What isn't Covered Under A Cultivation or Nursery License?

Micro Cultivation and Nursery License Requirements

License Overview

All of the requirements listed for Micro-Cultivation and Nursery Licenses above.
    The facility must have any on-site storage areas, operations areas, and the site perimeter surrounded by a physical barrier in order to safeguard against unauthorized access. It should be possible to demonstrate how the barrier’s construction, as well as the required access controls on the exit and entry points, are able to achieve this goal. Access to storage and operations areas must be restricted to authorized personnel only.
    • A record must be made of everyone who enters and exits from storage areas.
    • Each storage area must be located in a place that satisfies the security measures outlined in the Cannabis Regulations.
    • The site perimeter, operations areas, and storage areas are required to be monitored by visual recording devices at all times to detect and record any unauthorized attempts, successful or unsuccessful, to access the site. Entry and exit points on grow areas must be visually monitored as well.
    • The site perimeter, operations areas, and storage areas must have an intrusion detection system operating 24/7 to discover any unauthorized attempts to access the site or tamper with the system. It must also be possible to detect unauthorized movement within operations and storage areas.
    • The intrusion detection system is required to be monitored at all times, and the license holder is responsible for determining what measures are appropriate in response to any incidents. In cases of an incident, the holder must retain a document that contains the date and time of the occurrence, how it was responded to, and the date and time of when that response took place.

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