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Northwest Territories Cannabis Retail License

The sale of cannabis in the Northwest Territories (NWT) is conducted through the Northwest Territories’ Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NTLCC) and private retailers designated by the Minister of Finance. The NTLCC will control the inventory, sale and delivery of cannabis and set prices for cannabis products.

In addition, the NTLCC is the only online retailer of cannabis and is responsible for regulating the cannabis industry in the NWT, including entering into agreements with cannabis vendors designated by the Minister and monitoring the operation of vendors.

To be considered a potential cannabis retail vendor, interested applicants must first submit an expression of interest letter to the Director of the NTLCC. The NTLCC will do an initial community assessment to determine community support and sufficient demand. Following a positive assessment, a public Request for Proposals (RFP) will be released to that specific community.

The process to become a vendor is briefly described below

  • Pre-Application Security Screening (this includes background checks on owners, shareholders, directors, officers, and investors in order to ensure security clearance. Background checks may include examination of the individual’s criminal history, involvement in civil lawsuits, financial history, and other relevant information as needed)
  • Review of Pre-Application Security Screening
  • Review of Application
  • Acceptance and Pre-Sale Store Inspection
  • Designation as a Cannabis Vendor
  • Application Package Submitted (this includes providing details about the store, including the legal address, an offer to lease or purchase, a floor plan and a site plan, proof of possession (for example, title, lease, or agreement for sale), an approved development permit, and fire approval/right to occupy the location)

Applicants are required to submit an application fee of $1000 when they submit their preliminary documents as a part of the RFP process. If an applicant does not pass the Pre‐Application Security Screening, half of this fee will be refunded.

Currently, there is no set a cap on the number of cannabis vendor that will be designated by the Minister. Through the Request for Proposals process, the Minister will assess community interest, the applications received and their viability, and designate vendors as appropriate. More information on cannabis retail in the NWT can be found here.

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