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Market Overview

With one of the most established, mature US cannabis markets, Colorado continues to be the gold standard for all other states when drafting and organizing legislative requirements, Colorado marijuana licensing processes, and operational standards. While this market is somewhat saturated in the major metropolitan area of Denver and resort mountain towns, there continues to be room for growth. With the passing of Colorado Amendment 64 in 2014, Colorado became the second state in the US to establish an adult-use marijuana market. In November 2012, Colorado legalized marijuana for adults over age 21 by passing Amendment 64 to the Colorado Constitution. The fully legal recreational market opened on January 1, 2014, the state's first year of implementation. In 2022, a handful of new laws and relaxations are set to expand the industry even more which include the reduction of daily sales limits of medical concentrates, development of educational resources, and a new process for outdoor cultivation to establish and obtain approval for contingency plans. As of January 2021, the state is issuing Colorado Cannabis Licenses for marijuana hospitality establishments, which include dispensary tasting rooms, cannabis cafes, and designated consumption areas in hotels as well as Delivery Services with third-party delivery services and licensees for recreational delivery.

The Marijuana Enforcement Division MED oversees licensing for the State of Colorado under the Department of Revenue.

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Colorado Marijuana License Requirements, Timelines, and Selection Process

All Colorado cannabis license types, including consumption lounges, events licensing, and distribution. Vertical operations are available in some areas. Cannabis dispensaries in Colorado have a wide range of products they can sell, including flower, seeds, edibles, concentrates, tinctures and topicals, however, licensees cannot sell any product that contains nicotine or alcohol. Effective Nov. 11, 2021, the Department of Excise and Licenses no longer accepts paper applications for most Denver marijuana business licenses. All submissions must be sent via Denver's Online Permitting and Licensing Center. The State Licensing authority has 45-90 days to respond to an application after submission. Once the state licenses an entity, the licensee has one year to obtain approval and Colorado cannabis licensing from their local jurisdiction. While many cities create their own cannabis departments and/or licensing team to approve new operators, other jurisdictions utilize third parties to impartially and equitably rank each potential new cannabis business.
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Financial Requirements of a Colorado Marijuana License

Common for most jurisdictions as a mandatory component of the Colorado Cannabis License application is the requirement for a minimum amount of liquid cash on hand. This is to ensure that applicants have the financial wherewithal from the Colorado Cannabis Licensing process through to the initial 2-5 years of operation. General requirements for license applications include bank statements, CPA letters, Letter of Credit, or similar documentation. Additionally, a 2-3 year Pro Forma is also submitted as a component of the formal Business Plan. The fee for a Colorado Cannabis medical license is $2,500. The fee for a Colorado Cannabis recreational license is $6,500. The Colorado Cannabis License application fee for growers, processors, and dispensaries is $2,500. This cost is per facility and per Colorado Cannabis License type. Renewal occurs every year and is $2,500 each.

License Types

Colorado Cannabis License
Total # of Colorado Cannabis LicensesOver 3,000
Cultivation796 adult-use485 medical licenses
Retail420 adult-use 652 medical licenses
Delivery46 adult-use 18 medical licenses
Transporter12 medical 32 recreational
Hospitality3 recreational
Product Manufacturer299 adult-use226 medical licenses
Research & Development1 medical
Testing Facilities10 medical10 recreational
Basic Demographic Information
Resources include the US Census Bureau,, and any additional relevant resources.
Total # of Counties64
Total # of Cities271 active incorporated municipalities, of which 196 are towns, 73 are cities and 2 are consolidated city and county governments
Population in 2019727,211


Median Age
Medial Income
Median Home Price
Fair Market Rent
A Colorado Recreational Marijuana Cultivation Facility has five Tiers of licensure
Tier 1 (1-1,800 plants)
Tier 2 (1,801-3,600 plants)
Tier 3 (3,601-6,000 plants)
Tier 4 (6,001-10,200 plants)
Tier 5 (10,201-13,800 plants)

Colorado Springs


Median Age


Medical Income


Median Home Price


Fair Market Rent


Country Population in 2019

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Business Climate

Overall, the majority of the state has embraced the formal legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. With few notable exceptions, licensing of all cannabis operations continues to be moving at a reasonable pace.

Colorado is extremely business-friendly and a hub for growing businesses and startups. According to the U.S. Census Bureau estimates, Colorado's population has grown by almost 239,000 people from 2014 to 2018 with a workforce that's recognized as one of the most educated in the country. The state is fully embracing remote work with Fort Collins as a top city for remote work. Furthermore, Over the past 10 years, Colorado's startup ecosystem has matured and, with it, VC investment, and secondary locations for Fortune 500 technology companies have followed. Colorado is the eighth-largest state in terms of landmass with its natural resources resulting in an economic boon as well as a draw for tourism.

Real Estate & Zoning

Consideration for regional and local zoning with regard to allowed proximity to certain business types, schools, and other prohibited areas. All retail Colorado Cannabis/Marijuana locations must meet certain requirements regarding security and location. Generally speaking, no dispensary can exist within 1,000 feet of a school (but there are allowances for local governments to shrink that distance or allow exemptions for long-time dispensaries). Every dispensary must also adhere to strict security and surveillance requirements. All stores must have a security alarm system and locks on all entry points and windows.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The licensing for all cannabis facility license types is regulated and overseen by the Colorado State Licensing Authority. After licensure, the enforcement and compliance of the regulated cannabis market is regulated by the Marijuana Enforcement Division. 

The license application process requires a fee to both the state and the local municipality. The state fee is $4,500 and the local fee is $2,500. Additionally the annual renewal fee is $1,800. This does not include any other cost that goes into the build out of a facility.

The cost of applying and obtaining final licensure for a cultivation in Colorado ranges from $1,500 – $6,500 depending on the cultivation type and size. The cost to fully build out a cultivation is much higher and depends on the size and type of cultivation and  can total between $1 million and $20 million. To get a better understanding of the cultivation types or cost associated with them please reach out to our team. 

Yes, Colorado awarded its first cannabis delivery license in February of 2021. This was in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and patients’ lack of ability to obtain cannabis during that time. 

Yes, local municipalities can ban cannabis facilities from operating in their jurisdiction. While the larger cities in Colorado allow cannabis, most cities and towns do not allow cannabis facilities within their municipalities. 

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