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New Jersey Cannabis License - Market Potential

There’s no doubt 2022 is going to be an exciting year for cannabis entrepreneurs in New Jersey as The Garden State begins accepting New Jersey cannabis license retail applications on March 15, 2022. The window for cultivation and manufacturing licenses is already open with over 500 adult-use cultivation and manufacturing applications within the first 4 hours of opening the New Jersey Cannabis License application portal. The race is on to build an entirely new industry to service New Jersey’s 9.4 million residents. On August 19, 2021, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission approved the first set of rules governing the state’s adult-use cannabis program allowing the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to begin licensing cannabis businesses. The state's 23 medical dispensaries, which are owned by 10 operators, are expected to expand to include recreational users. It’s also anticipated that New Jersey will have a large number of MSOs by the time New Jersey cannabis licensing is finalized for the renewal and new operators application in 2022.

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New Jersey Cannabis License (Requirements, Timelines, and Renewal Processes)

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission establishes and enforces the rules and regulations governing the licensing, cultivation, testing, selling, and purchasing of cannabis in the state. The window for retail New Jersey Cannabis License applications will open March 2022. Insight from the first three months into approval processes for cultivation and manufacturing will allow some idea for future application on how New Jersey scores submissions and issues approvals. Temporary Conditional Permits will be available to allow businesses to lawfully act as a cannabis cultivator, manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, or delivery service while working towards meeting the requirements for a full New Jersey Cannabis License. The state is prioritizing the scoring of conditional New Jersey Cannabis License applications over annual applications and it's likely the vast majority of early submissions are Conditional. State authorities have indicated any submissions that do not receive a full score will be rejected as deficient. All those that do receive conditional approval will then need to submit a conversion application which requires a significant amount of additional information. Any conversion submissions that do not receive a full score will be rejected. There is no established limit on the number of New Jersey cannabis business licenses available statewide, however, by statute the number of Class 1 Cultivators is to be held to 37 licenses until February 22, 2023. Application acceptance for Class 5 Retailers will begin on March 15, 2022 and will be accepted on a rolling basis until indicated otherwise. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission oversees New Jersey cannabis licensing.

The CREAMM Act established six (6) classes of licenses for recreational use licensed businesses. Before applying for cannabis licensure in New Jersey, it’s important to understand the state’s current medical marijuana program and its associated licensing requirements. The program covers many different aspects, such as patient access, the inclusion of additional types of medical conditions, prescribing limits on practitioners, research advancement, and more. Become familiar with this comprehensive program before you continue with the application process.
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Financial Requirements New Jersey Cannabis License

Financial Requirements for your New Jersey Cannabis License

Common for most jurisdictions as a mandatory component of the New Jersey Cannabis License application is the requirement for a minimum amount of liquid cash on hand. Thisto ensure that applicants have the financial wherewithal from the licensing process through to the initial 2-5 years of operation. All recreational cannabis businesses will be subject to annual New Jersey Cannabis license fees ranging from $1,000 for a microbusiness to $50,000 for a cultivator with up to 150,000 square feet of cultivation capacity.
New Jersey Cannabis License Types
Additional New Jersey Cannabis Licenses
New Jersey Cannabis License Types
Median Age
Medial Income
Median Home Price
Fair Market Rent
Total # of Licenses: *not available at the time of this report
Dispensary 23
Basic Demographic Information
Resources include the US Census Bureau,, and any additional relevant resources.
Total # of Counties21
Total # of Cities/Towns565 cities, towns, and villages, and 233 special districts

New Jersey Cannabis Business Climate

Overall, the majority of the state has embraced the formal legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. With few notable exceptions, licensing of all cannabis operations continues to be moving at a reasonable pace.

As the most densely populated state in the country, New Jersey offers companies a highly educated workforce but was listed as the worst state to start a business, according to personal finance website WalletHub's annual list of the Best and Worst States to Start a Business. Although New Jersey has the highest concentration of scientists and engineers per square mile in the US, high labor costs, office-space affordability, and high cost of living make this one of the least desirable states to operate business.

New Jersey ranks near the bottom nationally with many barriers to entry for businesses. Despite challenges related to taxation and regulatory compliance, the state offers access to a strong consumer base that possesses significant disposable income and higher than average per capita wealth.
Business Climate new jersey cannabis licensing

Real Estate & Zoning

Consideration for regional and local zoning with regard to allowed proximity to certain business types, schools, and other prohibited areas. ​​The CREAMM Act authorizes municipalities to enact ordinances or regulations governing the number of New Jersey cannabis licensed establishments. A legal cannabis business operator must receive a license from the CRC to conduct cannabis business in New Jersey. About 70% of New Jersey municipalities have banned cannabis retail, making local approval a highly sought-after endorsement. The process for obtaining local approval for your New Jersey Cannabis License journey varies greatly from town to town.

How to Open a Cannabis Dispensary in New Jersey

Opening a dispensary in New Jersey can be a complex process, but with the right resources and knowledge, you can be well on your way to opening your own cannabis business. This guide will walk you through all the steps needed to open a dispensary in New Jersey, from paperwork and licensing requirements to purchasing products and promoting your brand. New Jersey has strict laws and regulations governing cannabis operations, so it’s important to research local rules and regulations before opening a dispensary. This includes knowing what products are allowed to be sold, ensuring that the dispensary is located in an approved zone, understanding the state’s tax structure for cannabis businesses, and meeting any additional permits or licensing requirements. Failing to meet these criteria can lead to costly fines or even criminal charges.
How to open a New Jersey cannabis business
How to open a New Jersey cannabis dispensary

Choose a Location/find vendors and Obtain Business Licenses

Properly choosing a location for your dispensary is essential. You need to make sure that it is located in an approved zone and complies with all local ordinances. This includes checking the zoning laws of your county’s town or city to ensure the dispensary can be legally operated there. It’s also important to obtain the necessary business licenses from both the state and local government. This includes obtaining a state license from the New Jersey Department of Health, as well as acquiring licensing from your local municipality. Once you’ve secured the necessary funding, it’s time to start finding vendors for your dispensary. You will need to find suppliers of cannabis-related products and services, including but not limited to packaging, online and in-store security, software solutions, branding and marketing services. It’s important that all of your vendors meet the same stringent standards you adhere to in order to ensure a compliant operation. To make sure your dispensary is properly run and growing at a healthy rate, contact a cannabis industry expert for guidance or use specialized software or mobile applications that can help streamline operations and automate mundane daily tasks.

Develop your Marketing Plan and Set Up Online Presence for Your Business

Having an engaging and informative online presence is essential to success in the cannabis industry. To make sure that you reach your target customers, it’s important to create a comprehensive marketing plan before you open your dispensary. This should include both traditional methods like print and radio advertising as well as digital solutions like social media marketing and website optimization. Consider creating interesting content for your website or blog in order to maximize user engagement with your brand. Finally, make sure to create accounts on popular social networks to keep customers up-to-date with happenings at your dispensary.
How to open a New Jersey cannabis dispensary
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NJ Marijuana Retailer Regulations & Qualifications

The New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services provides regulations on NJ marijuana sales and retailers. Prospective applicants should review the requirements before applying for a license, as they are subject to change. The retail qualifications that the Department requires potential dispensary operators to meet include background checks, age and citizenship requirements, financial qualifications, security specs, and objective business practices.

Who is Eligible for a Cannabis License in New Jersey?

In order to obtain a NJ cannabis license, applicants must meet certain criteria set by the New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age and either a United States citizen or have permanent legal immigration status in the US. Applicants must also pass a background check administered by the Division of State Police. Additionally, no entity or individual with an existing involvement in illegal cannabis activities may apply for or be approved for a NJ cannabis license.
NJ cannabis license
NJ cannabis license

What is the Pre-Licensing Process for Cannabis Businesses in NJ?

Before seeking a NJ cannabis license, applicants should first go through the pre-licensing process for cannabis businesses in NJ. The pre-licensing process involves registering your business with the state of New Jersey and completing certain regulatory documents. These documents include the General Business Certificate from the NJ Department of Treasury and an application packet from the Department of Health and Human Services. Once these steps have been completed, you can begin working towards obtaining your official NJ cannabis license.

Comply With Tax, Regulatory Obligations & Other Rules

You must meet eligibility requirements and abide by any other regulations specific to your particular marijuana or hemp company. Additionally, you should make sure you comply with all federal laws regarding cannabis businesses before applying for a NJ cannabis license of any kind. Making sure your business follows the correct procedures will help ensure a successful application process and secure your license.
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Steps to open a cannabis dispensary in New Jersey

1. Research and planning: Conduct thorough research on the legal requirements, market demand, and financial considerations. Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals, target market, marketing strategies, and financial projections. 2. Secure funding: Determine the capital to open and operate your dispensary. Explore financing options such as traditional loans, private investors, or partnerships. 3. Obtain necessary licenses. Familiarize yourself with the licensing requirements set forth by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC). Prepare a detailed application that includes all the required documentation, such as background checks, financial disclosures, and business plans. 4. Secure a suitable location: Identify a place that complies with local zoning regulations and meets the needs of your target market. Consider accessibility, visibility, parking, and proximity to your target audience. 5. Build out your dispensary: Collaborate with architects and contractors to design and build a dispensary that meets the specific requirements of the cannabis industry. This may include security systems, display cases, consultation areas, and compliant storage facilities. 6. Hire and train staff: Recruit and hire a team of qualified individuals who understand the cannabis industry and can provide excellent customer service. Provide comprehensive training on product knowledge, compliance, and customer engagement. 7. Develop marketing and advertising strategies: Create a strong brand identity and develop marketing strategies to attract and retain customers. Use social media, online advertising, and local community outreach to raise awareness about your dispensary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the CREAMM Act which legalized adult-use cannabis within New Jersey authorizes municipalities to either opt in or opt out of the cannabis program. Each municipality is in charge of developing its own regulations for local approval and oversight. Municipalities had a deadline of August 21, 2021 to allow or ban cannabis activities.

While municipalities can implement restrictions on cannabis delivery services, they cannot ban the transportation or delivery of cannabis within their jurisdiction.

Not Necessarily, New Jersey is issuing conditional approval licenses which allow businesses a path to final licensure while they are finalizing specific application components such as real estate.

Yes, for some license types they do have limitations. Only 37 Class 1 cultivation licenses will be issued which includes existing medical cultivators. Other license types do not currently have a cap on the number of licenses to be issued.

Yes, currently no operators can have fully vertical licensing except for existing medical operators. Additionally adult-use license holders can hold one cultivation and one manufacturing license or one retail license or one distributor license. 

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