Why Routine Inspection Required

Routine inspections are required to monitor and verify that cannabis businesses are acting in accordance with federal laws set forth by governing agencies, such as the Cannabis Act and Regulations. To help businesses meet federal regulation standards, Health Canada provides information and guidance and reserves the right to conduct an inspection at any time to confirm that these requirements are being met. Facts you should know:
  1. Health Canada inspects all facilities before a license to sell cannabis products is issued.
  2. If your facility meets the necessary requirements for license issuance, Health Canada will schedule the first inspection.
  3. When necessary an inspection package is provided to the business to help prepare for the upcoming inspection. This package contains the following:
    • A fact sheet outlining the mandate and the activities of Health Canada
    • Frequently Asked Questions about inspections
    • An inspection checklist for licensed producer
    • Once licensed, a producer is subject to regular inspections, which could include unannounced on-site inspections at any reasonable time to confirm that the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements are being met.
There are four types of inspections:
  1. Introductory Inspection: This inspection verifies that the producer demonstrates compliance with the Cannabis Act & Regulations and is meeting the necessary requirements including, but not limited to, the physical security requirements for the site, record keeping practices and Good Production Practices (GPP) and to confirm that the activities being conducted by the licensed producer correspond to those indicated on their licence.
  2. Pre-Sales Inspection: This inspection is conducted prior to the issuance of a sales licence to verify that the licensed producer is meeting the requirements of the Cannabis Act & Regulations including, but not limited to, GPP, packaging, labelling, shipping, and record keeping prior to the issuance of a licence for the activity of sale or provision.
    Note: Targeted inspection may take place at any time.
  3. Targeted inspection:  To verify compliance with particular areas of the Cannabis Act & Regulations.
  4. Annual inspection:  For regular monitoring and verification of compliance.
Licensed producers should renew their license at least three months before expiration. For more information on what to expect during inspections, please reference the official guidelines.

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