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Cannabis can be sold for both recreational and medical purposes under the new Act and Regulations, but not all retail licences are handled federally.

The federal government oversees licences for medical cannabis retail, but have given provinces and territories responsibility over recreational distribution and sale. They are in charge of developing, implementing, maintaining, and enforcing plans to handle the sale of non-medical cannabis. Under the Act, they are required to collaborate with municipalities to create their own legislation that consistently protects public health and safety.

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License Overview

Who is the Cannabis Sales & Retail Licence For?

This licence is for anyone interested selling medicinal cannabis for non-recreational purposes. Such businesses could include dispensaries, treatment centers and clinics, grow facilities, private practices, and patient cooperatives.

What Can You Do With a Cannabis Sales & Retail Licence?

This licence permits the holder to possess cannabis products and sell or distribute them to clients and federal licence holders. Standard and Micro Cultivators can be sold dried and fresh cannabis only, as well as plants and seeds. Licensed nurseries can also be sold or given plants and seeds, and cannabis products other than plants or seeds can be sold or given to hospital employees. Clients must be registered to use cannabis for medical purposes.

What Isn't Covered Under the Sales & Retail Licence?

Licence holders are not permitted to grow or produce cannabis, and are unauthorized to supply the general public with any kind of access to the cannabis in their possession.

Sales & Retail License Requirements

Special Requirements

  1. It is required that the license holder have a security clearance.
  2. The license holder needs to have an individual in their employment who can act as their “responsible person”. This person is considered accountable for the license holder’s actions and should have an adequate understanding of how the Cannabis Act and Regulations apply to the holder. Should they have to, this person also has the authority to bind the license holder. They are required to have a security clearance, and one qualified alternate may be designated.
  3. Personnel must include a Head of Security who is responsible for ensuring that physical security measures comply with part 4 of the Cannabis Regulations, as well as the enactment of an organizational security plan. One qualified alternate may be designated, and both must have a security clearance.

If Cannabis is On-Site

  1. The holder’s facility must have any on-site storage and operations areas surrounded by a physical barrier in order to safeguard against unauthorized access. It should be possible to demonstrate how the barrier’s construction, as well as the required access controls on the exit and entry points, are able to achieve this goal. Access to all operations and storage areas must be restricted to authorized personnel only.
  2. A record must be made of everyone who comes and goes from storage areas.
  3. Each storage area must be located in a place that satisfies the security measures outlined in the Regulations.
  4. The site perimeter, operations areas, and storage areas are required to be monitored by visual recording devices at all times to detect and record any unauthorized attempts, successful or unsuccessful, to access the site. Entry and exit points on grow areas must be visually monitored as well.
  5. The site perimeter, operations areas, and storage areas must have an intrusion detection system operating 24/7 to discover any unauthorized attempts to access the site or tamper with the system. It must also be possible to detect unauthorized movement within operations and storage areas.
  6. The intrusion detection system is required to be monitored at all times, and the license holder is responsible for determining what measures are appropriate in response to any incidents. In cases of an incident, the holder must retain a document that contains the date and time of the occurrence, how it was responded to, and the date and time of when that response took place.

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