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provinicial Cannabis Laws in canada

British Columbia Cannabis Retail License

In British Columbia, the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is responsible for the licensing of private non-medical cannabis retail stores. In addition to privately run cannabis stores, there will also be government-run retail operations including physical storefronts and an online store. The LCRB is currently accepting applications for a retail store license via their cannabis licensing application portal. An applicant for a retail store license or group of related persons must not hold more than eight retail store licenses.

The province has also proposed three other unique licenses:

  1. Marketing License – this license will allow marketers to promote the products of licensed federal cannabis producers to licensed cannabis retail stores
  2. Growing Cannabis License – the Province may consider establishing a class of retail licenses for micro-cultivators who are federally licensed
  3. Rural Retail Store License – the Province will consider issuing this license to service rural or remote areas that are not sufficiently served by existing retail cannabis stores

Additional information regarding application requirements and license types can be found here.

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