To sell cannabis for recreational purposes

Cannabis can be sold for both recreational and medical purposes under the new Act and Regulations with the Sale & Retail License, but not all retail licenses are handled federally.

The federal government oversees licenses for medical cannabis retail, but have given provinces and territories responsibility over recreational distribution and sale. They are in charge of developing, implementing, maintaining, and enforcing plans to handle the sale of non-medical cannabis. Under the Act, they are required to collaborate with municipalities to create their own legislation that consistently protects public health and safety.

Personnel Requirements:

  • Varies by Province

The license requirements are:

Recreational cannabis retail regulations will ultimately be determined by Canada’s provinces and territories, as they are responsible for enacting restrictions regarding the sale, distribution, and use of cannabis. Therefore, licensing requirements will differ depending on where you live. The plans for each principality vary in scope.

Visit our Sale & Retail Recreational License page for information about local laws.

Additional helpful services:

Routine inspections are required to monitor and verify that cannabis businesses are in accordance with federal laws set forth by governing agencies. We help businesses meet federal regulation standards.

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