Provincial Cannabis Laws in canada

New Brunswick Cannabis Retail License

Retail operations in New Brunswick are run by Cannabis NB. Cannabis NB is the only legal retailer of recreational cannabis for the province of New Brunswick and is a subsidiary of the New Brunswick Liquor Corporation (operating as ANBL – Alcool NB Liquor) which manages retail cannabis sales for the Cannabis Management Corporation.

There are currently twenty (20) Cannabis NB stores located in 15 communities which offer a range of cannabis products with a one-on-one guided retail experience. The province also offers an online Cannabis NB store.

The province of New Brunswick is looking at privatizing cannabis sales as a request for proposals was issued in November 2019. The province received eight bids from interested parties in the private sector. A decision on whether or not to move ahead with privatization is on track for late summer of 2020.

More information about cannabis retail in New Brunswick can be found here.

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