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washington state cannabis license

Market Overview - Washington State Cannabis License

With Leafly and Wikileaf both based in Seattle and more than 20 years of decriminalization, Washington is one of the most long-standing cannabis markets in the country. Highly localized with very few large operators, this market is slightly buttoned up with regard to new licensees and does not leave much leverage for new applications at this time. That said, industry M&A activity is yet to pick up in this Pacific Northwest market. In July 2016, Washington’s medical marijuana and recreational marijuana regulations were incorporated into one regulatory framework. The state officially became the first U.S. state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana upon the passage of Initiative 502 in early December 2012. The Cannabis Patient Protection Act codified into RCW 69.51A , integrates the medical market with the regulated recreational market and, under the act, the Department of Health adopted rules for a medical marijuana authorization database, training and certification of medical marijuana consultants, and product compliance.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board of Licensing and Regulation and The Department of Revenue oversee state licensing.

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Washington State Cannabis License Licensing Requirements, Timelines, and Selection Processes

Receiving cannabis licensing for any Washington cannabis operation may vary from County to County and/or City and Town jurisdictions.
washington cannabis license application

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Brian and Kalpna at Cannabis License Experts were very pleasant, informative, and knowledgeable regarding licensing. They helped us fill out all the forms needed and guided us through the entire process. I am sure that without their guidance our application would still be in process, or have been dismissed because of some missing information.

washington cannabis license application

Washington Cannabis License Types

All license types, including consumptions lounges, events licensing, and distribution. Vertical operations available in some areas.
The WSLCB offers six marijuana-related licenses below:
Total # of Licenses 1054
Dispensaries 484
Basic Demographic Information
Resources include the US Census Bureau, City-Data.com, and any additional relevant resources.
Total # of Counties39
Total # of Cities/Towns281 cities, towns, and villages, and 1,285 special districts
County population in 2019 769,714

City of Philadelphia

Median Age
Medial Income
Median Home Price
Fair Market Rent

Business Climate

Overall, the majority of the state has embraced the formal legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. With few notable exceptions, licensing of all cannabis operations continues to be moving at a reasonable pace.

Washington state residents enjoy a high quality of life and healthy state economy. Washington is consistently listed as one of the best places to start a business with more than 250,000 businesses registered with some of the most familiar names in retailing, aircraft, software, and outdoor recreation equipment. The state of Washington is one of only seven states that do not levy a corporate, unitary, or personal income tax. Washington State does not tax inventory and there is no tax on interest, dividends, or capital gains.
washington cannabis license application
washington cannabis license application

Financial Requirement

Common for most jurisdictions as a mandatory component of the application is the requirement for a minimum amount of liquid cash on hand to ensure that applicants have the financial wherewithal from the licensing process through to the initial 2-5 years of operation. General requirements for Washington cannabis license applications include bank statements, CPA letters, Letter of Credit, or similar documentation. Additionally, a 2-3 year Pro Forma is also submitted as a component of the formal Business Plan. The state application requires a $1,000 license fee. Washington cannabis license applicants receiving both Producer and Processor licenses will need to pay a $2,000 fee.

Real Estate & Zoning

Consideration for regional and local zoning with regard to allowed proximity to certain business types, schools, and other prohibited areas.No marijuana establishment may be located within one mile of a marijuana retailer, within 1,000 feet of schools, playgrounds, recreation centers, daycare centers, or any facility restricted to people 21 years or older, or where prohibited by city, town, or county zoning laws. Cities, towns, and counties in Washington State can choose to opt out of the state’s cannabis program and or to designate appropriate zones for marijuana businesses, however, it is the WSLCB that has final authority over whether to grant or deny the license to operate in Washington State.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis cultivation is the process of growing cannabis within a regulated environment for the consumption via a medical or adult-use cannabis program. Generally cultivation refers to the agricultural activities associated with the propagation and growing of cannabis. Cannabis processing is when you manufacture finished cannabis products, packaging of dried flowers or manufacture and package cannabis-based products (i.e. extracts, edibles, and topicals). To be able to produce cannabis and cannabis derived products commercially a specific license is required, requirements depend on the state in which you are locating this business.

The adult use cannabis program in Washington is overseen by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Currently applications for transportation and for research of cannabis are being accepted. Applications for retail, producer, and processor licenses are not currently being accepted. 

Yes, individuals applying for a cannabis license must have lived in the state for at least 6 months before applying for licensure. Business entities applying for licensure must be formed in the state of Washington and all individuals listed as parties of interest must maintain the residency requirement. 

As of 2021, Washington State reported it had 600+ licensed dispensaries in the state.

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