Provincial Cannabis Laws in canada

Saskatchewan Cannabis Retail License

Recreational cannabis retail in Saskatchewan follows a private retail model. Businesses interested in selling legal recreational cannabis to consumers must hold a Retail Cannabis Permit from the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA). Permitted cannabis retail stores must operate a brick-and-mortar store and can also sell cannabis online for pick-up and delivery in Saskatchewan. Retailers may also sell cannabis at wholesale to other permitted retailers located in the province.

Currently, the SLGA is not accepting Retail Cannabis Permit applications for communities larger than 2,500 people that have cannabis retail store permits or applications in process. However, come September 2020, the SLGA will begin accepting permit applications for stores in all communities in the province (provided the community has not opted out of having cannabis retail stores).

Interested businesses and individuals will continue to be required to meet SLGA’s permitting requirements including a good character check, financial capacity, inventory tracking and store security. Applicants will also need to meet local municipal requirements, including zoning.

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