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farmgate license
This year marked the opportunity for federally licensed cannabis cultivators and/or processors to sell cannabis products at their federally licensed production site. With the advent of farmgate cannabis sales, consumers now have the option to go directly to a license holder’s location to purchase cannabis products.
Farmgate cannabis retail is not within the purview of the federal regulation but within each province’s cannabis retail regulatory framework. Federally licensed cultivators and processors who intend to sell farmgate cannabis must comply with provincial legislation for cannabis retail. This means a federal licensee must obtain necessary provincial permits or authorizations before farmgate cannabis retail can be carried out. As each province has different regulatory frameworks for cannabis retail, license holders would go through different processes for farmgate sales depending on the province of their site location.

Farmgate cannabis retail is still in its infancy stage and each province is different when it comes to farmgate cannabis retail regulation.

British Columbia also has plans to launch a farmgate cannabis retail program in 2022, however, this opportunity will be reserved for cannabis cultivators alone (ie. stand-alone cannabis processors will not be eligible for a farmgate cannabis retail store).

Farmgate Cannabis

Saskatchewan’s cannabis retail framework allows for farmgate cannabis. However, there are currently no cannabis retail stores at federal licensed production sites. In Alberta, retail stores can be adjacent to production sites but cannot be realized because of restrictive supply chain requirements. 


Other provinces and territories such as Manitoba, Quebec, Yukon and the Maritimes still have yet to establish their farmgate cannabis sales programs.

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