Federal Licenses

There are several different federal cannabis licenses that are available under the Cannabis Act depending on the specific activities you wish to conduct with cannabis.
Those looking to cultivate cannabis are required to hold one of the following licenses:
Those looking to package cannabis products and manufacture cannabis-based products (cannabis extracts, edibles, topicals, etc.) are required to hold one of the following licenses:

Those looking to sell packaged cannabis products to medical patients will require a Sale for Medical Purposes license. This licence can be sought with possession of cannabis or without possession of cannabis.

A Research license will permit all kinds of cannabis-related studies, from advancements toward better growing and processing techniques, to improving upon cannabis-based products, and more.


An Analytical Testing license will permit the testing of cannabis products. Testing can include chemical and microbial contaminants, cannabinoid content, pesticides, dissolution/disintegration, solvents, sterility, stability, etc.

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