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Real Estate Search

Neutralize any challenges associated with finding a suitable property that is correctly zoned to grow, store, or sell cannabis in Canada. We help you find the right property for your cannabis business.

Design & Build

Build cannabis facilities, including grow rooms, extraction rooms, cannabis corporate offices, greenhouses, etc. We help you with engineering, procurement and complete construction management services.


Implement and maintain a fully integrated site security design and physical security plan for your production facility or retail store and comply with the required security measures under the Federal or Provincial Regulations.

Equipment Tendering

We serve as your trusted partner for Equipment Tendering with 100% digital, paperless, and quality support. Get in touch to understand the federal procurement process or registering for a procurement business. 

Digital Marketing & Development

Leverage our expertise in Website Development, SEO, Dispensary Marketing, Google Ads, Display Ads, Social Media to market your cannabis business and let customers find, engage and shop at your dispensary.

Intellectual Property Protection

Get Canadian trademark for cannabis products and services. Register trademark for dried cannabis, live cannabis plants or medicinal cannabis products. Also, apply for non-traditional marks, like scents, holograms, tastes and textures.

Banking Services

Get specialized banking and electronic payment solutions in the cannabis and hemp industry. Our safe and secure banking services include establishing bank accounts, managing cash, automated fund transfers (AFT) and payment services.


Get Customized insurance for your cannabis business with the right mix of Liability & Property Protection Coverage. Grow, build and protect with Business Insurance, Commercial Insurance and Liability Insurance. Get a fast, free quote today and protect what you’ve built.

Merger & Acquisitions

Are you acquiring a licensed facility or cannabis retail store? Get complete Merger & Acquisition Solutions, like managing finance, inventory, distribution, operations, compliance, quality, and security clearances.

Private Label Manufacturing

 An in-depth look at how you cultivate, process and leverage on-demand labelling. Get assistance for the entire catalogue for private labels, including CBD tinctures, cannabis edibles and oils.

Micro-Cultivation Franchising

Excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a hands-off investment! Highly profitable and high ROI business with a cannabis micro-cultivation franchise. We work with new business owners and entrepreneurs to build their cannabis businesses.

Human Resources

Are you struggling to find HR services for your cannabis business? We serve as HR Consulting services, built especially for the cannabis industry. Get assistance for Payroll, Tax Services, Employee Relationship Management and more.

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