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Business Plan Writing

A well-prepared business plan can be critical in the planning process and help set you up for success. From understanding the market opportunity and financials to operational structure and details, a well-developed business plan is your roadmap to making informed decisions. Business requirements vary from project to project, and that’s why we offer 4 core business plan options: our Discover Package, Deep Dive Package, Investor level, and Application Readiness Package.

Cannabis business plan solutions

Real Estate Search

Prevent challenges such as finding a suitable property that is correctly zoned to grow, store, or sell cannabis in the U.S.A & Canada. We help you find the right property for your cannabis business.

Design & Build

We help build cannabis facilities, including grow rooms, extraction rooms, cannabis corporate offices, greenhouses, etc. We can help you with engineering, procurement, and complete construction management services.


Implement and maintain a fully integrated site security design and physical security plan for your production facility or retail store and comply with the required security measures under the Federal or Provincial Regulations.

Equipment Tendering

We serve as your trusted partner for Equipment Tendering with 100% digital, paperless, and quality support. Get in touch to understand the federal procurement process or register for a procurement business. 

Digital Marketing & Development

Leverage our expertise in Website Development, SEO, Dispensary Marketing, Google Ads, Display Ads, and Social Media to market your cannabis business and let customers find, engage, and shop at your dispensary.

Intellectual Property Protection

Get a Canadian or U.S.A trademark for cannabis products and services. Register trademark for dried cannabis, live cannabis plants, or medicinal cannabis products. Also, apply for non-traditional marks, like scents, holograms, tastes, and textures.

Banking Services

Get specialized banking and electronic payment solutions in the cannabis and hemp industry. Our safe and secure banking services include establishing bank accounts, managing cash, automated fund transfers (AFT), and payment services.


Get Customized insurance for your cannabis business with the right mix of Liability & Property Protection Coverage. Grow, build and protect with Business Insurance, Commercial Insurance, and Liability Insurance. Get a fast, free quote today and protect what you’ve built.

Merger & Acquisitions

Are you acquiring a licensed facility or cannabis retail store? Get complete Merger & Acquisition Solutions, like managing finance, inventory, distribution, operations, compliance, quality, and security clearances.

Private Label Manufacturing

An in-depth look at how you cultivate, process, and leverage on-demand labeling. Get assistance for the entire catalog for private labels, including CBD tinctures, cannabis edibles, and oils.

Micro-Cultivation Franchising

Excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a hands-off investment! Highly profitable and high ROI business with a cannabis micro-cultivation franchise. We work with new business owners and entrepreneurs to build their cannabis businesses.

Human Resources

Are you struggling to find HR services for your cannabis business? We serve as HR Consulting services, built especially for the cannabis industry. Get assistance for Payroll, Tax Services, Employee Relationship Management and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few steps involved in setting up a legal cannabis business. The first and most important step is to do your research. There are several rules and regulations in place when it comes to cannabis, so familiarizing yourself with applicable legislation is always key to ensuring your business is legal and compliant. 
The next step is to plan your cannabis business and get organized. A good cannabis business plan can help with this. There will be several things to consider, including the licensing requirements, costs for the facility/building and employees, equipment and municipality costs, and your overall goals and intentions for the business. 
After your plan is in place, you can get the ball rolling and work on putting things into action. Cannabis License Experts can help you from day one of starting your cannabis business. We offer solutions for strategic planning, licence applications, site audits, standard operating procedures and more!
Of course! You don’t need to smoke cannabis to start a cannabis business. Even if your business expertise is lacking, the key to success is having a knowledgeable and efficient team that is willing to learn and grow together. With each team member taking care of their designated area of the cannabis business, success can come to anyone, including those with limited knowledge of the cannabis industry. 
Cannabis License Experts can be part of your team to help you achieve your goal of starting a cannabis business. We provide you with the guidance to plan your cannabis business, acquire funding, navigate the legal requirements, and acquire the appropriate licence for your operations.
It depends what activities your cannabis business is looking to conduct. If your business is looking to cultivate cannabis, then one of the following federal cannabis licences would be ideal:
  • Standard Cultivation license (permits cultivation in an unlimited-sized grow space).
  • Micro-Cultivation license (allows for cultivation in a grow space of up to 2,152 square feet).
  • Nursery License (permits the cultivation of cannabis genetics such as clones and seeds, within a maximum of 540 square feet).
Businesses that want to produce cannabis products such as cannabis extracts, edibles or topicals, would need to hold one of the following federal cannabis licenses:
  • Standard Processing license (handling of over 600 kg of dried flower [or the equivalent] per year).
  • Micro-Processing license (handling of up to 600 kg of dried flower [or the equivalent] per year).
A cannabis business that wants to sell packaged cannabis products to medical patients would need a federal Sale for Medical Purposes license.
A federal cannabis research license would permit businesses to conduct all kinds of cannabis-related studies (e.g. product development, drying methods, growing lights etc.)
A federal cannabis analytical testing license would permit businesses to conduct the testing of cannabis products.
Finally, if you’re looking to become a retailer of cannabis products (e.g. a dispensary where consumers can purchase recreational cannabis), then a cannabis retail licence would need to be secured from the applicable province/territory you’re located in. The requirements for cannabis retail differ between provinces/territories, so connect with Cannabis Licence Experts to learn more!
A cannabis licence application typically requires several documents to be submitted to the regulator. This documentation can include items such as:
  • a copy of your incorporation documents;
  • financial documents (e.g. tax returns, a notice of assessment);
  • an aerial view of your site;
  • a floor plan;
  • a site plan/survey;
  • a physical security plan;
  • an organizational security plan;
  • a good production practices report, and more. 
These documents must be submitted at the time of application and will be reviewed thoroughly by the reviewer/officer. Submitting an incomplete or “messy” application can slow down the review of your file, which will ultimately result in extra waiting time for you to receive your licence. Cannabis License Experts can help ensure you submit a complete, fulsome and accurate application package to help you obtain your licence quickly and smoothly.
Starting a legal cannabis business in North America is no easy task. There’s a lot of work when it comes to educating yourself and your employees about the applicable legislation, securing the necessary funding to establish your business, and making sure you comply with all of the rules and regulations, including securing the necessary license(s) for your cannabis business.
A team of trained and qualified employees is essential for a business to be successful. This includes finding (and keeping) the right employees, which can certainly be a challenge at times. Potential new hires should also have the necessary education and previous work experience, and training to fulfill their roles.

Additionally, we always recommend working with an expert to plan your business and prepare and submit your licence applications. The experts at Cannabis License Experts leverage years of cannabis quality assurance, operational and cultivation knowledge with real-life hands-on experience.

Our team has the experience of submitting over 200 cannabis license applications under ACMPR and the Cannabis Act, with No Refusals to date. This speaks to our team’s dedication and due diligence to help our clients succeed. Through trust, transparency, and respect, our team will work with you to achieve your goals of getting your cannabis business licensed and legalized.
A well-written business plan contains important details about your business and is essential for your cannabis business to succeed. A cannabis business plan can help you plan out the lengthy process of establishing a cannabis business, and also help you focus on the specific steps to reach your short- and long-term goals and objectives. 
Generally, a well-written cannabis business plan is also needed if you’re looking to raise funds from investors and lenders. Investors and lenders will only risk their time and money if they’re confident your cannabis business will be successful and profitable. 
A basic description of your business won’t cut it. Your cannabis business plan should be clear, easy to read, detailed and informative. It should cover strategies for achieving your objectives, as well as financial details like predicted profits and income streams and potential pitfalls in your plan. Cannabis License Experts can help to ensure your business plan is well written, structured and effective.
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