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With limited Connecticut cannbis license numbers and several political barriers to entry, the highly Conservative population of the Constitution State is one of the next emerging adult-use markets for 2022. As of July 1, 2021, recreational use of cannabis by adults over age 21 became legal in Connecticut. The 2021 law legalizes possession up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis and cultivation of marijuana by adults. The state will begin accepting Conneticut cannabis license applications for adult-use CT cannabis license types 30 days following the Social Equity Council’s final approval of technical assistance plans. Applications for certain adult-use cannabis establishment CT business licenses were made available as of February 3rd, 2022. ​​Still many facets of the law remain in process at both the state and local levels. Municipalities will have to determine how to define, regulate and implement new laws in the coming years as this program gets underway.

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Licensing Requirements, Timelines, and Selection Processes

The first  Connecticut cannabis license application period for each license type will open for a period of 90 days beginning in March 2022. The DCP will hold two lotteries for each license type: a social equity lottery and a general lottery. Materials received outside the application process will not be considered and failure to abide by the RFA process could result in disqualification. Current oversight for regulation and licensure by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)


Note: As of February 3rd, 2022 the Connecticut cannabis license application for the below license types are available. Application windows will be posted on the website. 


  • Adult Use Cannabis Retailers – Lottery Application 
  • Cultivator applications for businesses located in a Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA)
  • Equity Joint Ventures
  • Conversion from Medical Marijuana Producer to Expanded Producer
  • Conversion from Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Hybrid Retailer
LicensesGeneralSocial Equity
Retailer 6 6
Micro Cultivator 2 2
Delivery Service 5 5
Hybrid Retailer 2 2
Food and Beverage 5 5
Product Packager 3 3
Product Manufacturer 3 3
Transporter 2 2

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Financial Requirements Connecticut Cannabis

Financial Requirements

Many States and local jurisdictions require a certain level of liquidity, cash on hand, and /or CPA and/or Bank letters to ensure that cannabis license applicants have the financial wherewithal from the licensing process through to the initial 2-5 years of operations. Commonly a 3-5 year Financial Pro Forma is also required.
License Conversion FeesGeneralSocial Equity
One-Time Cultivation Application Fees
Initial Application $0
Provisional License $3,000,000
Final License $37,500
Lottery Cultivation Application Fees
Initial Lottery $1,000 $500
Provisional License $25,000 $12,500
Final License $75,000 $37,500
Adult-Use Cannabis Retailer License Lottery Application Fees
Initial Lottery $500 $250
Provisional License $5,000 $2,500
Final License $25,000 $12,500

License Types

There are 14 different cannabis licenses and registrations, listed and defined below: *90 day application open date
City of Hartford
City population in 2019: 122,105
Basic Demographic Information
Resources include the US Census Bureau,, and any additional relevant resources.
Total # of Counties8
Total # of Cities/Towns169
Median Age
Medial Income
Median Home Price
Fair Market Rent

City of Greenwich


Median Age


Medical Income


Median Home Price


Fair Market Rent


Country Population in 2019

Business Climate Connecticut cannabis licensing

Business Climate

Overall, the majority of the state has embraced the formal legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational use. It is expected that licensing of all cannabis operations will roll out at a reasonable pace once regulations are firmly in place.

Real Estate & Zoning

Consideration for regional and local zoning with regard to allowed proximity to certain business types, schools, and other prohibited areas should be researched according to local and municipal rules. Possession of real estate is often a requirement for licensing prior to application submission.
Real Estate Zoning Connecticut

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannabis cultivation is the process of growing cannabis within a regulated environment for the consumption via a medical or adult-use cannabis program. Generally cultivation refers to the agricultural activities associated with the propagation and growing of cannabis. Cannabis processing is when you manufacture finished cannabis products, packaging of dried flowers or manufacture and package cannabis-based products (i.e. extracts, edibles, and topicals). To be able to produce cannabis and cannabis derived products commercially a specific license is required, requirements depend on the state in which you are locating this business.

Currently only medical marijuana patients can grow up to 3 mature plants for personal use within the state of Connecticut. Adults over the age of 21 that don’t hold a medical marijuana card will not be able to cultivate for personal use until July 1st, 2023. To grow cannabis commercially within the state of Connecticut you must obtain a cultivation license from the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. License applications for certain license types were made available as of February 3rd, 2022. Please reach out to the team at Cannabis License Experts to learn more about this application period and how the CLE team can assist your team in this process.

Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection began accepting applications on February 3, 2022 for the following license types: Lottery Applicant’s for adult-use cannabis retailers, cultivators located in a Disproportionately Impacted Area, Equity Joint Ventures, conversion from Medical Marijuana Producer to Expanded Producer, and conversion from Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Hybrid Retailer. Additional application opening dates can be found on the department website linked here.

The first step in obtaining a cannabis retail dispensary license in Connecticut is to apply for a license with Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection. The first application period for this license type opened on February 3rd, 2022 and closes on May 4th, 2022, this application process is a lottery based application meaning that all eligible applicants will have an equal opportunity to be drawn as the license winner. Equity Joint Venture and Social Equity Partner licensing pathways are not subject to the lottery based system and do not have an application closing date. 

A Micro Cultivator license is a specific license issued by Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection. This license type allows for the cultivation of cannabis for intended sale in the adult-use AND medical cannabis markets within Connecticut. The license permits between 2,000 and 10,000 square feet of canopy space with the ability to apply for an extension in increments of 5,000 square feet per year. The application period for this license type opened on February 10th,  2022 and will close 90 days from this date, the department anticipates opening a 2nd application period later in 2022.

No, the following licensing paths are not part of the lottery process. Medically licensed producers switching to an expanded producer license. Medically licensed dispensary facilities switching to a hybrid retailer license. Cultivators located in a Disproportionately Impacted Area (DIA). Additionally the license application for Social Equity Partners and Equity Joint Ventures will not be subject to the lottery process. 

To receive final licensure the applicant must be able to prove the right to occupy the space it intends on locating the business. During the initial application process and the application lottery it is not required to disclose the establishment’s location. 

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