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Bringing New Employees Onboard – What a Training Manual Should Include

Having a good “onboarding program” for new employees can make all the difference when it comes to the success of your cannabis business. A smooth on-boarding process will ensure your staff members are compliant with company policies, and can even help keep them on your team long-term. Remember, this is the first real experience employees

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Health Canada’s Updates on Cannabis Licensing and COVID-19

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On March 24, 2020, Health Canada advised federal cannabis licence holders of its decision to temporarily adjust its approach to administering and enforcing the Cannabis Act & Regulations, due to COVID-19 and its shift to teleworking. Health Canada stated that temporary adjustments will be in place until May 1, 2020, at which time they will

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The Impact of Legalization on Canadian Markets

The legalization of cannabis across Canada does not just mean a change to law enforcement policies. With the legalization of recreational cannabis, the Canadian economy is poised to see unprecedented growth in various sectors. Often times, both supporters and critics of new legislation have strong opinions about how it will affect the nation going forward,

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Medicinal Benefits of CBD

While the medical community has known of the potential health benefits (and risks) of cannabis for decades, there is one particular chemical compound of the cannabis plant that is starting to make waves: CBD. Nonetheless, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about what CBD is, how it is consumed, and the short and

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