5 Legal Cannabis Industry Trends & Predictions 2022 & Beyond

Cannabis Industry Trends in 2022

Cannabis Trends: 2022 & Beyond | Cannabis License Experts The year 2021 was a boon for the North American 420 industry—primarily thanks to the mass legalization in the US. What cannabis trends await in the coming decade? It’s an exciting time to be a toker, grower, or aspiring ganja entrepreneur. From the circulation of cannabis

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Cannabis in Massachusetts: The Regulatory Impact of the House & Senate Bills

Those looking to get their Massachusetts Cannabis License received some good news last week.  The Massachusetts House voted 153-2 on May 18 for a bill that will lead to cannabis cafes, alleviate the crackdown on local marijuana fees, and boost social equity programs. Legislators believe these major reforms to the state’s cannabis laws will help

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Recreational Cannabis vs. Medical Cannabis Sales in Canada

Under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations, businesses (small and large) can sell cannabis both recreationally and to medical patients in Canada. However, there are different licenses required to perform these two different activities. In this article, we’ll discuss the two licenses, and what they allow your business to do. Recreational Cannabis Sales – The

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What does a cannabis processing license allow you to do?

Cannabis Processing License

What does a cannabis processing license allow you to do? Interested in entering the Canadian cannabis market to manufacture cannabis products? Before you can do so, you’ll need to secure the necessary licensing from the regulator, Health Canada. If you specifically want to manufacture and package cannabis products for sale (e.g., package dried flower/pre-rolls, edibles,

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Can I Hold Multiple Cannabis Licenses with Health Canada?

Cannabis License

Can I Hold Multiple Cannabis Licenses with Health Canada at the Same Site? The simple answer:  Yes.   The Cannabis Act and Regulations provided opportunities to apply and receive different cannabis license classes and subclasses. These include: Cultivation License class with subclasses Nursery, Standard Cultivation and Micro-Cultivation Processing License class with subclasses Standard and Micro-Processing

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Dos And Don’ts of Operating Cannabis Retail Store

Cannabis Retail

The Dos And Don’ts of Operating A Successful Cannabis Retail Store Operating a cannabis retail store is no easy feat. Often it is thought that obtaining retail licenses is the biggest hurdle in getting into cannabis retail. Navigating the retail license pathway certainly has its challenges. Setting up and maintaining a compliant and profitable cannabis

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