AGCO’s 30-Day Consultation on Changing Rules Around Inducements

What is the consultation on? The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has launched a 30-day consultation with Ontario cannabis retail license holders and other stakeholders pertaining to potential changes and clarification around the inducement rules contained in the Registrar’s Standards For Cannabis Retail Stores. What is the purpose of the consultation? The AGCO

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What Are Cannabis License Amendments and Notifications and When Do We Need Them?

So, your cannabis license has been issued by Health Canada and operations have begun, but now you need to make a change. You might be thinking “How do I update my license and know if my change is okay to make?”. This blog will answer that question and more! Here we’ll be discussing cannabis license

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Health Canada Cannabis License Fees and Cost Recovery Program Announced

On October 5, Health Canada formally announced the cost recovery for cannabis licenses. A 30-day public consultation  in late summer on cost recovery received a total of 881 online, written and form letters on feedback of the proposal.   The fees collected will be used for resources to regulate cannabis license activities including licensing and compliance,

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