Artisanal Craft Cannabis

Craft Cannabis in Canada

The times really are changing, at least as far as cannabis is concerned. Not so long ago, the process for obtaining medical or recreational cannabis was both complex and time-consuming, but new legislation has made cannabis legal across Canada and many other countries, streamlining the process for businesses and consumers. Recreational cannabis is now a

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Medicinal Benefits of CBD

While the medical community has known of the potential health benefits (and risks) of cannabis for decades, there is one particular chemical compound of the cannabis plant that is starting to make waves: CBD. Nonetheless, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about what CBD is, how it is consumed, and the short and

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Health Canada’s Changes to Cannabis Licensing

On May 8, Health Canada published a statement introducing changes being made to cannabis licensing. Health Canada is implementing these adjustments as a result of many factors including feedback from applicants regarding the time it takes to get licensed, the number of applicants already in queue for a cannabis licence and to better allocate resources

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Did you know cannabis cultivation grants are now available in Ontario?

cannabis grant

Ontario’s Ministry of Agriculture has announced that licensed cannabis growers in the province will now be able to apply for a variety of federal and provincial grants which will help growers significantly cut down on production costs. The grants are funded by the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a $3 billion CAD ($2.2 billion USD) initiative that

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