Your Cannabis Business: Unlock 5 Steps to Start & Grow Fast!

cannabis business cannabis license

Obtaining a cannabis license to start your cannabis business in Canada to cultivate, process, or sell cannabis legally isn’t easy. The process involves spending a great deal of time, effort, and money in preparing a complex dossier of application documents, filming and photographing all areas of the proposed facility, and submitting the completed application package

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Why cannabis compliance consulting is essential in the U.S.A

medical cannabis compliance

Your cannabis business MAY live or die by your or your consultant’s understanding of cannabis compliance, especially in the states.  With no federal legalization program currently in place, each state has created its own legalization program.  In our blog, we’ll talk about cannabis compliance, non-compliance, why compliance matters, and how your business depends on cannabis

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Alabama Cannabis License Medical Cultivating Rules Timeline

medical cannabis cultivation in cannabis

May lightning strike and the sky’s part because the Alabama Cannabis market has received excellent news.  Amazing progression in both the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission license timeline and medical cannabis cultivation rules have been released.  In this blog, we’ll detail the current Alabama cannabis license applications and licensing requirements timetable along with the new Alabama

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How to get your New Jersey Cannabis License FASTER!

How to Get a New Jersey Cannabis License

  The grass is certainly looking green in the garden state (New Jersey). Cannabis sales in New Jersey surpassed $24 Million in its first month of legally selling to adult-use customers. And this is just the beginning according to the executive director of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission, Jeff Brown. The state currently has twelve dispensaries

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We unlock how cannabis training can help processing licence holders meet QAP Qualifications

Cannabis Processing Holders QAP Qualifications Quality Assurance Person

Cannabis Production (Processing & Packaging) One of the final stages of cannabis production is the processing and packaging of the finished product. This includes packaging the dried plant or cannabis-based products, such as edibles, concentrates, and topicals. In each case, professionals working in this stage are required to hold a Processing license. Health Canada Cannabis

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California Cannabis License Cultivation Tax is GONE Forever?

California Cannabis Cultivation Tax CA Cultivation Tax

Eliminating the Cannabis Cultivation Tax in California Cannabis growers are rejoicing in California these days, after learning they’ll be paying fewer taxes and pocketing more profits. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a $308-billion state budget on June 30, for California’s regulated cannabis market, whereby the California cannabis cultivation tax was eliminated as of July 1. The

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