Canada’s Cannabis Retail Landscape – One Year After the First Legal Retail Store

It’s been one year since the first legal cannabis retail store opened its doors in Canada. To provide an overview of the first year of legal cannabis, Statistics Canada has released a paper describing recent trends in the retail cannabis sector, highlighting the role that accessibility, online sales and wholesaler retail sales have played in

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Ontario Government Opens Market For Private Cannabis Retail

On December 12, 2019, the Ontario Government announced its move to open the market for retail cannabis stores, beginning January 2020. By removing the temporary cap that was placed on the number of private cannabis stores in the province, the Government hopes consumers will be provided with greater choice, convenience and a safe, reliable supply

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GMP, GPP and GACP – How Do These Acronyms Benefit My Cannabis Business?

GMP, GPP and GACP are three acronyms you’ve probably seen before if you’re keeping up with the cannabis industry. They may only be a few letters long, but these three acronyms can make all the difference when it comes to compliance and producing a high-quality product that is safe for consumers. Before we tell you

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How to Get Your Edibles Products on Retail Store Shelves

The law legalizing the production and sale of edible cannabis, as well as cannabis topicals and extracts, came into effect October 17, 2019. While these products are now legal, they won’t be hitting retail store shelves until mid-December, as Health Canada has implemented a notification system whereby licensed processors are required to notify Health Canada

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Top 5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Quality Assurance Person

Cannabis routine inspection in canada

The success of a Cannabis Processor relies heavily on their Quality Assurance Person (QAP). Under the Cannabis Act & Regulations, a holder of a licence for processing must retain the services of one individual as a Quality Assurance Person who has the training, experience and technical knowledge related to the requirements of Part 5 of

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