Cannabis Beverages, Research & Testing Amendments for 2023

Cannabis Research Beverages Testing

Introduction: On October 17, 2018, the Government of Canada passed legislation legalizing and regulating the use of recreational marijuana. This new law allows adults aged 18 and older to legally purchase and consume cannabis. It also sets out restrictions on where people can use cannabis, how much they can buy, and how they can transport

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Amended Regulations for Cannabis Beverages, Cannabis Research, and Testing

On March 12, 2022, the Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 11 outlined Regulations Amending Certain Regulations Concerning Cannabis Research and Testing and Cannabis Beverages. A 45-day consultation period (ending April 26, 2022) has been opened to obtain feedback regarding these amendments. What are the issues that brought about these proposed amendments? 1. Non-therapeutic

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