U.S Cannabis Legalization & Regulatory News June 2022

U.S Cannabis Legalization Updates


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ve probably noticed that the cannabis landscape for each state has been talked about extensively in the news lately.  

In this blog, we aim to bring you the highlights of the U.S. Cannabis Legalization news as we break down the federal cannabis legalization state by state.  No time to waste, let’s dive right in.

Colorado’s Governor signs reform law: 

As of July 1st, 2022 the police will be allowed to charge people for possessing over 1 gram of fentanyl (the equivalent of 10 pills).  This is a huge change from the 2019 law which allowed for the possession of 4 grams of Fentanyl).  To learn more about the Arkansas cannabis market click here:

Arkansas Adult-Use Cannabis Amendment: 

The Adult use Arkansas cannabis campaign needs 89,151 signatures before July 8th to make the November ballot (Over 65,000 as of May 26th, 2022).  This proposal, if accepted, will lead to increases in state cultivators and dispensaries.  These potential new cultivators would have the opportunity to grow up to 250 plants.  This proposed plan would also eliminate the medical & recreational marijuana tax while giving law enforcement and drug courts much-needed funding.

If you’d like to learn about applying for an Arkansas cannabis dispensary or cultivation license click here:

California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) – Emergency Regulations Equity Fee Waivers

The emergency regulations and amendments that were implemented in Senate Bill 166 may be readopted after an action was filed with the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) on May 25th, 2022.  This readoption would lead to allowing emergency regulations to remain in place while the DCC works on permanently adopting the regulations. 

The California Senate also approved legislation that would lead to the elimination of the cultivation tax, create a retailer tax credit, add labeling requirements for cannabis products and create a marijuana equity tax credit.  To learn about the California cannabis industry or obtaining a California cannabis license click here:

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Governor of Rhode Island signs adult-use cannabis into law:

Rhode Island becomes the 19th state to legalize adult-use cannabis.  This law will automatically expunge cannabis convictions while reserving 50% of cannabis licenses for social equity applications and worker-owned co-ops.

“This bill successfully incorporates our priorities of making sure cannabis legalization is equitable, controlled, and safe,” McKee said, adding that it’s “a win for our state both socially and economically.” 

Illinois Craft Permits & Retail Applicants Lottery:

The seemingly controversial dispensary license application has been simplified and now allows out-of-state and non-social equity applicants to apply as well.  

U.S. Cannabis Legalization in Illinois has ramped up with the issuing of permits to craft cannabis producers and a lottery for retail applicants who had previously filed lawsuits during the original process.

Also, an Illinois judge recently lifted legislation that was preventing regulators from issuing additional marijuana dispensary licenses.

Mississippi Rules and Regulations Updates

Despite passing medical cannabis legalization in November of 2020, Mississippi has had a slow start to the implementation of its program due to state opposition. Eventually, in 2022 the Governor signed into law the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act which reignited the flame for medical cannabis. 

Most recently, Mississippi regulators have filed regulations specific to the implementation and regulation of ID cards, testing facilities, transportation of cannabis, and disposal of cannabis. This comes a day after the regulators issued guidance around dispensary licensing. 

Vermont pre-qualification window closes for new applications on June 31st, 2022

If you already have an application in process, you’ll have until July 14th to finish your application.  After that, all unfinished applications will be closed and withdrawn.  To learn more about Vermont cannabis licenses and cannabis legalization in Vermont click here:

Oklahoma Licensing Moratorium Update

The Sooner state has gained a reputation for its exponential growth in its medical cannabis industry. The state originally did not limit the number of cannabis facility licenses.  Also, the application process to obtain cannabis facility licensure is known for being one of the most simple application processes of any state-run cannabis program. On May 26th, Governor Kevin Stitt signed HB 3208 into law which imposes a moratorium on the additional issuance of licenses for grower, dispensary, and processor licenses.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) cannot process new applications for grower, dispensary, or processor licenses for up to two years. Beginning on Aug 1. At 11:59 pm and ending on Aug. 1, 2024 (or earlier if the Department has completed all pending applications).  This comes as an effort to give the Department time to catch up to the inundated applications that are currently going through the approval process. This will also create a limit on competition in the state that has had a very minimal number of restrictions on the number of businesses that operate in the state. 

Nevada Consumption Lounge Regulatory Updates

While consumption lounges were originally being signed into law in June of 2021, the state lagged in the development of rules and regulations for this new license type. The Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) posted an update on May 26th announcing that the CCB will be considering the adoption of the recently proposed regulations. To learn more about obtaining your Nevada cannabis license click here:

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