Nevada CCB Awards First Cannabis Consumption Lounge Licenses

Nevada Consumption Lounge License

Nevada Consumption Lounge LicenseOn Wednesday, November 30th the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board (CCB) selected the winners for the first cannabis consumption lounge licenses in the Silver State. Licenses were awarded by lottery from a pool of 80 applicants from the 10-day application window held in October. A total of 20 independent consumption lounge licenses were awarded by a “computerized random number selector” conducted by auditing and consulting firm Henry and Horne.

One-half of the licenses were awarded to social equity applicants per state regulations. An additional twenty retail consumption lounge licenses were also approved. Retail consumption lounges applicants were required to have an existing dispensary in operation in order to be eligible and were not subject to the lottery process. The consumption lounge must also be located at the same site as the dispensary. The CCB projects the first consumption lounges to open in the first half of 2023.

Nevada Marijuana Lounges Expected to Bring an Increase in Tourism

The expansion of consumption lounges will cater to the state’s robust tourism industry which accounts for approximately 15% of the state’s economy. The influx of tourists is anticipated to boost state revenue from consumption lounges to the tune of over $9 million annually. State law prohibits the public consumption of cannabis products outside of a public residence. Cannabis lounges will provide a space for tourists to legally consume cannabis in one of the fifteen approved licenses in Sin City. But it’s not just for tourists. Lawmakers implemented regulations to make lounges a social hub for tourists and locals alike. Businesses are allowed to offer food and beverages (except alcohol) as well as other activities such as integrating cannabis with yoga or massages. Regulations for cannabis lounges were unanimously approved in June of this year with the aim of making “Nevada’s lounges a one-stop entertainment shop to create jobs, grow the industry and boost our economy,” commented governor Steve Sisolak.

Where Will They Be Located?

The big question everyone wants to know is where cannabis lounges will be located. The majority of licenses were awarded to applicants located in the unincorporated areas of Clark County. Washoe County, Nye County, and Storey County also received licenses. A total of fifteen businesses were approved for Las Vegas.


Retail Consumption Lounge

Independent Consumption

(Non-Social Equity)

Independent Consumption Lounge (Social Equity)

City of Las Vegas




Nye County




Storey County




Unincorporated Clark County




Washoe County




Cannabis Consumption Lounge Regulations

Before you hit the Las Vegas Strip or take your chances at the blackjack table with your favorite bud(s) it’s important to know the laws on possession and consumption of cannabis. Public consumption is strictly prohibited. That includes hotels, casinos and vehicles. Consumption is restricted to adults 21 years or older in private residences or consumption lounges.

Consumption lounges may sell single-use or ready-to-consume cannabis products in quantities that do not exceed 3.5 grams of usable cannabis such as flower and 300 milligrams THC for inhalable extracted products such as vaporizers or dabs, and 10 milligrams for edibles, capsules or tinctures. All products must be consumed in designated smoking areas with compliant ventilation systems to limit the risk of secondhand smoke. Any unconsumed products must be left in the possession of the lounge as patrons exit. The sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages and nicotine products are prohibited. The regulations also stipulate measures for businesses to make reasonable efforts to prevent impaired driving and restrict sales to impaired individuals.

So, what does this mean for Las Vegas? Well, at least one thing is clear: The city will soon be home to some of the most exciting cannabis lounges in the nation. It’s likely that tourists will be flocking there in droves, eager to experience a new kind of entertainment option while they’re visiting the city of sin.

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