As cannabis sales is a highly regulated and uncharted territory. Business development in the Cannabis industry reflects the specialized needs of this business. 

Our team does not just offer licensing solutions, we help your business grow and prosper. Our experts our knowledge in all aspects of cultivation, testing, marketing and inspections.

Learn more about the solutions you’ll need to run a succesfull cannabis business.

  • Cannabis Cultivation Plan
    • Understand your go to market and cultivation strategy including strain selection, equipment maintenance, marketing and financial planning.
  •  Edibles Safety Plan
    • Similar to traditional food manufacturers, a good food safety-based plan must include good manufacturing practices, in addition to, identifying potential hazards (biological, chemical or physical) in your food production process. One of the ways this can be achieved is developing a HACCP compliant program.
  • Inspections
  • Certifications
    • Highly respected certifications can help you stand out to your customers as well as your suppliers. An ISO Certification accredits your business to an international standard for product and service quality. A GMP Certification assures your business partners to the quality of your supply chain. 

CLE will discuss post-license opportunities and connect you with our business development partners. Contact our specialists at for more information!

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