Florida Everything to know on opening dispensaries in 2023

Opening a Dispensary in Florida

Opening a Dispensary in Florida

Interested in opening a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MTTC) in Florida? Opening a medical marijuana business is a complex process that requires an understanding of the regulatory rules governing cannabis businesses, financial planning, and the collaboration of knowledgeable industry professionals. This guide will provide an overview of how to open a compliant medical marijuana business in the Sunshine State.

Understand the Medical Marijuana Laws in Florida:

Before opening a dispensary in Florida, it is important to understand the regulatory procedures for applying for and operating an MTTC. Licensees are required to cultivate, process, and dispense medical marijuana to qualified patients in the state. Businesses must have an in-depth understanding of how to operate a marijuana facility at each stage of the process from seed to sale.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced operational team including cultivators, processors, sales, marketing, security, compliance, and accounting is vital to secure your business’ future. Additionally, it is important to research any requirements set forth by the local municipality in which you plan to operate. These could include zoning and other location restrictions and hours of operation required of your business.

Financial Planning and Securing Capital:

Before embarking on your journey to opening a dispensary make sure you establish a solid financial plan. From licensing and regulatory fees to high taxes and overhead costs, operating a cannabis business requires substantial capital. Additionally, you will need to consider costs to construct the facility, operational equipment, marketing, insurance, and payroll. Entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to consult with qualified accountants and business advisors knowledgeable of the complex laws governing cannabis to prepare financial budgets and expectations.

Need help opening a Florida medical marijuana dispensary?

Obtain a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MTTC) License:

Each state has its own set of regulations for licensing cannabis businesses. Before applying for any license, make sure that you thoroughly research the application process and documents required to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements. Licenses for an MTTC in Florida are awarded by a competitive process. Applications will be scored based on their responses to several criteria demonstrating their ability to operate a marijuana business in compliance with the OMMU’s rules and regulations.

Applicants will compete for a limited number of licenses available in a “batching cycle” during a 5-day application submission window. Businesses will need to take careful consideration of the formatting, page limits, and organization of their application required by the OMMU. Applications must be submitted to the Agency Clerk within the 5-day application window along with a non-refundable $146,000 application fee. Electronic submissions will not be accepted. Applicants should also exercise caution if planning to submit their application by mail as they must be received by the Agency Clerk by the deadline to be considered “timely” submitted.

Compliance with Operational Regulations:

Once you’ve successfully navigated the application process and obtained an MTTC license, businesses must ensure they are prepared to operate in compliance with the state’s rules and regulations. This includes ensuring your business has enough product to meet consumer demand that has been tested for safety and quality, meeting the insurance and other regulatory requirements, training personnel, and complying with necessary reporting requirements. Regulatory compliance is essential in maintaining your license. Penalties for non-compliance can be costly and detrimental to a new business. Consult with industry experts at Cannabis License Experts for how our compliance services can help secure your business’ future.

How we can help you get a Florida Cannabis License:

At Cannabis License Experts, we provide you with the guidance to plan your cannabis business, acquire funding, navigate the legal requirements, and acquire the appropriate cannabis license for your operations. 

As cannabis legalization in the U.S. develops, more and more licensed producers, cultivators, and retailers will be needed to meet the demands of consumers.  Cannabis License Experts offers support from day one of starting your cannabis business, including strategic planning, floor plan preparation, site audits, SOPs, Preventive Control Plans (PCPs), and more.

Our Edibles Compliance division can provide you with a solid plan for your edibles business to help get your products on store shelves.  Contact us today to discover how we can license and legalize your cannabis business to meet federal and state regulations.

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