To make cannabis products

These licenses are ideal for anyone who desires to work with cannabis and its derivatives, such as oil, wax, hash, butter, and other extracts. Such trimming, cutting, drying, working with extracts, packaging or labeling cannabis products.

Under the new Cannabis Act, companies who manufacture cannabis-based products will be required to hold one of two licenses: Micro Processing or Standard Processing. While the first is best for smaller outfits, the latter is ideal for large and growing companies.

These licenses do not authorize the holder to give the general public any kind of access to the cannabis, or cannabis materials, that they work with, and the cultivation of cannabis is not allowed.

Personnel Requirements:

  • Responsible person
  • Alternate responsible person
  • Head of security
  • Alternate head of security
  • Quality assurance person
  • Alternate quality assurance person

The license requirements are:

For large scale operations, over 600kg dried equivalent of cannabis per year.

Standard Processing License holders are permitted to possess an unlimited quantity of cannabis, and produce it by any means other than propagating, cultivating, or harvesting.

For smaller operations, with less than 600kg dried equivalent of cannabis per year.

A Micro Processing License follows the same rules for cannabis production as a Standard License and the addition of synthesis being unauthorized.

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See Also:

cannabis farming

Grow Cannabis

Produce ( not sell ) dried or fresh cannabis, plants and seeds.

recreational cannabis sales

Sell Recreational Cannabis

Sell recreational cannabis to consumers over the age of 18.

Make Cannabis Products

Trim, cut, dry, extract, manufacture, package, label cannabis products.

Conduct Cannabis Testing

Conduct analytical testing for purity, potency, identity.

Sell Medical Cannabis

Sell cannabis as medicine for registered users.

New Cannabis Product Development

New Product Development

Develop new cannabis products or set up a clinical study.

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    NOTE: Your investment into a federal or provincial licenced business will require working capital including infrastructure, equipment, personnel, insurance, etc. To manufacture (make) edibles you must have a cannabis processing licence or partner with a federally licensed processor to make edibles for you. To sell edibles and you must first sell to the provincial government buyer who, in turn, sells to licensed retail stores.

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