Selling Medical Cannabis

Under the Cannabis Act and Regulations, cannabis can be sold for both recreational and medical purposes, but not all licenses are handled federally. The federal government oversees the license for sale of medical cannabis, but has given provinces and territories responsibility for recreational cannabis sale and distribution.

Personnel Requirements for federal medical sales license:

Sale for Medical Purposes License:

Those looking to sell packaged cannabis products to medical patients will require a Sale for Medical Purposes license. This licence can be sought with either possession of cannabis or without possession of cannabis.

A Sale for Medical Purposes licence with possession enables your business to store packaged cannabis products on site for sale to medical cannabis patients. Individuals who are authorized by a health care professional can then register with your business to buy cannabis products, which you can ship from your site to the end client.

A Sale for Medical Purposes licence without possession enables your business to sell medical cannabis to registered medical cannabis clients, however, the cannabis cannot be physically stored at your site. Rather, when a registered patient places an order with your business, the product will be shipped directly from the licensed producer to your client.

Additional Helpful Services

Routine Inspection Consultation: are required to monitor and verify that cannabis businesses are in accordance with federal laws set forth by governing agencies. We help businesses meet federal regulation standards.

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