Conduct Analytical Testing

Under the Cannabis Act & Regulations, applicants are required to obtain a licence issued by Health Canada in order to conduct activities relating to analytical testing involving cannabis. Facilities with an Analytical Testing License will be able to work closely with other licensed cannabis operations in need of product testing for purity, potency, identity and more.

Personnel Requirements for federal medical sales license:

The License Requirements are:

Analytical Testing License

The Analytical Testing License is for facilities that desire legal permission to alter the chemical or physical properties of cannabis for the purpose of testing. Before the new Cannabis Act and Regulations were passed, these activities were covered under a Dealer’s License, in accordance with the Narcotic Control Regulations. 


While the application for an analytical testing licence is not as extensive as that of a cultivation or processing licence application, there are still some important requirements that need to be met, as well as documents that need to be included with the application. 


In order for your application to be considered for review by Health Canada, your facility should already be built. Also, in addition to naming a Head of Laboratory, applicants will need to declare any directors/officers of the corporation and designate a Responsible Person who has the authority to bind the licence holder (often the CEO or Director of the organization, or someone delegated by that person).


Some additional areas where information and documentation will need to be provided includes: corporation (incorporation documents), mailing address, site details (including floor plan and site plan showing the building envelope and proposed laboratory area/storage areas), physical security plans, Head of Laboratory qualifications and record-keeping details.

Additional Helpful Services

Standard Operating Procedures: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are key when it comes to ensuring that your cannabis business runs in accordance with the law set forth by the governing agency. SOPs will also provide your employees with consistent and effective procedures to run your business successfully.

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